A "Sample" Layers Panel from the Digital Art World of Chris Nielsen


The main reason for creating a page like this is quite simple:

Amazingly, after all these years working in Digital Media, there still seems to be a big misconception about the nature
of one's work when actually working in Adobe Illustrator. Vector art, like the Motorcycle Portraits I create in Adobe Illustrator
are still misunderstood as being "easy to make" with just the push of a couple of buttons here and there.

There are a few tricks and filters that can be produced with the click of a mouse, but that is absolutely NOT the case here.

Just because I choose to work in a Digital Medium like Adobe Illustrator, that does not take away from the hard work
that is put into each and every illustration I produce. Like any good PhotoRealist, my attention is in the details...
I just happen to use a different method of creating those same details to produce a New Reality that goes in a different
direction than the camera has captured. This New Reality, as seen in the portraits I create, is made up of thousands of
tiny, hard-edged and flat-colored shapes to produce an image for the viewer that does not exist in our own reality.

I know, it's an interesting, philosophical discussion here. But it is one that must be stated in order to set up the viewer of
my PhotoRealism Vector Portraits to have a better understanding of where I am coming from as an artist. - Enjoy!